About the Book:

"Heartland Romance" is a collection of short romance stories written by freelance writer Linda Louise Rigsbee.

These stories were originally written for “DEAR TALES a family circular” between 1997 and 2003. DEAR TALES was a monthly zine of short stories and poems by various authors intended for the entire family “from cradle to rocking chair.”
”Heartland Romance” was published in August of 1999. It was published as an ebook in 2012.

Mom can feel comfortable handing this book to her teen. These stories are about relationships, not sex. They span generations from the teen infatuation of “Sweet Sixteen” to the mature romance of “A Special Thanksgiving.” They range from contemporary to the western romance of “Never Say Never.”

Readers who like these stories might also enjoy the innocence in the contemporary novel “A Tutelarious Love."

Heartland Romance
A Collection of Clean Romance Short Stories
Linda Louise Rigsbee